Sunday, March 30, 2008

My year of living madly

With the end of the financial year I'm drawing a halt to mad living.

Really, I think I've been working to hard at the expense of my health. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but every night I've been slaving away over the computer or over a mountain of screenprinting, and in anticipation of the work ahead, dinner has been the simplest thing I can knock together (ie simple boring pasta and blah food).

So, my new financial year's resolution is to shop more. Yay! For food... I commit to at least one trip a week to Moore Wilson's for a vege and fish stock up. Before you suggest it, no, we can't make it to the weekend markets.

I will only drink alcohol when I go out, and not at home to unwind.

I will leap out of bed fresh as a daisy and take the dog for a nice walk on the beach.

I will not succumb to sugar when I'm at the shop and starving, because it really makes me feel horrible. Instead I will stock the place up with nuts and yummy things (must forget about delicious liquorice at Dutch shop m u s t f o r g e t).

I will pack myself a lunchbox as goodlooking as the one I feed my boys.

I will turn off the computer in the evening unless I need to do invoicing fun stuff.

I reckon in about 6 weeks I'll have much more energy, and a sunny, healthy complexion to match.


Make Tea Not War said...

Nuts can be quite unhealthy. I couldn't work out why I'd put on 2 (unwanted) kgs and then I stopped eating handfuls of so called healthy nuts all day & they went away. But perhaps you are better at nuts in moderation than me...

w.adams said...

You go girl. The insidious creep of things into other things(like actually unwinding) is so, well, insidious : ) Just don't give up coffee too...

Kimberley said...

good luck with that. although you've had a slip, you can always start over. i stopped my must-not-eat-dairy-so-harper-doesn't-get-relux diet for three days and he's worse than ever. at least if you have a bottle of wine of an evening it's you who gets the hangover. or something like that.