Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogging live from the shop!

Wow, this is cutting edge stuff. I'm in the shop, and I'm LIVE. In fact, I could tell you that a woman is walking past with a stroller, and that my lunch of a pear and a K Bar haven't really done the trick, and that a purple bus (why? Why did they decide purple for the new bus colour?) is driving past.

Glen is in Auckland today, on official Babylicious/Dishy business. When he comes back we should be able to start sending out all the Dishy orders and really feel like we have a new business. Until now it has all felt a bit surreal.

In girly LIVE SHOP news, the new Saben bags arrived yesterday, and I did lots of little squeals. A particularly bad-ass bit of my personality is hoping that they won't sell, and that I will be able to have them all. But I'm sure they will, they're gorgeous.

LIVE customer, better go.

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nix said...

Despite being self-employed I never live blog - even when teaching blogging. There is something deeply wrong with that I think.