Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Maybe today is time to use bullets for evil.

  • Evil roadworks are going on outside our shop. Stinky. Although, you know, I'm sure it is for the greater good.
  • I'm not really feeling particularly evil.
  • That said, I was looking forward to a night in front of telly, and I had forgotten that it is all SHIT.
  • But I don't care, because I have a lively imagination, and enough work to do that good telly would be too much of a distraction.
  • See? Not evil.
  • I watched Gossip Girl. It was a bit evil, because it dragged me away from work, and yet, wasn't great. The clothes on it were though, and the limos. Gotta get me a limo.
  • Beetroot dip is evil. I love it. It must be.
  • If Girls of the Playboy Mansion isn't on tonight, well, I'll be all evil and disappointed.

I'm giving up the evil bullet points. Bullet points are so cute and nifty, they can only be used for good.


styler said...

when used in powerpoint bullet points are evil :)

Mel or Phil said...

Oh I'm, so glad someone else finds Girls of the Playboy Mansion a must watch...:)