Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost June

I have high hopes for June. April was shitarse, May has been better, and June is shaping up to be pretty great. Mainly it is great for work/shop reasons. I've had a really good idea for the shop (in Mt Vic), which involves a bit of rearranging, and I think will make it wicked good. We're going to make the side room a sort of baby/child stuff room, and the main part of the shop super sophisticated grown up stuff, and coincidentally all this really cool product has started appearing, which is fun and designery gorgeous.

And the kiddies are fabulous. Lucy decided yesterday she was going to actually walk, rather than dragging herself around on her arse. I'm very pleased, she seemed not very interested for potentially ever, but how can I form her into a mini version of Rachel from Glee if she wouldn't dance? I suppose she could've been Artie. Yeah. I watched too much Glee.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The fine art of procrastination

It is amazing what can be achieved when there is a pressing tax return needing attention. While I should be measuring up my home office, and tallying all my home power bills, I've instead been re-designing the Wanda Harland website. Not the shopping site, the shop site, capiche? Hopefully Glen will be making it live right about now. Mind you, my efforts were thwarted yesterday by Wordpress going down until 1am (the benefit of a baby is that you are often still awake at 1am. Yes. It is a benefit).

And might I just say how much I like Wordpress? I'm not going to change from darling blogspot here, but over there Wordpress is the bomb. As in a cluster fly bomb. Oh dear. Stream of conscientiousness blogging is leading all over the freaking place tonight.

Where was I. Oh yes, I thought it might be time for some bullets (see, we have like a war, bomb kind of military theme going).

  • The new website (over there) will allow for me to more easily upload new products and blather about them. If you like that sort of thing, you can now follow me, since it has fancy schmants RSS.
  • We've been watching Treme, by David Simon, who made The Wire. It is great, for all the reasons that Amanda speaks of over here, and she says it so much better than I could. I'd like to be watching it now, but someone is busy tweaking aforementioned website.
  • We've also become somewhat obsessed with Community, after a recommendation from Ms Hubris. It is sooooooo gooooood. Although Joel McHale is too muscley for someone who looks like him, which is a compliment, because he is very handsome, and the muscles serve as a distraction.
  • We had tortillas again tonight, with rice and chicken and black beans. I think the tortilla press obsession may last a little longer than the paella obsession, which lasted quite a long time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Through cunningness, and slight disorganisation (shh), I have an unexpected night sitting on the couch. I can't print t shirts, because they're all in the shop in Mt Vic, and I can't drive in to get them because I fell over and two glasses of cab sav slid down my throat. Which may or may not be a lie. I did certainly have huevos rancheros made with delicious homemade tortillas. I finally treated myself to a tortilla press, and the process of making them is a joy! And yes, we'll admit it, I had a glass or two of le vin.

What a convoluted paragraph that was, if you've made it this far, you've earned a million dollars.

It is freaking mid May now. I don't know how that happened, but I can say I'm delighted. April was a bit ick. Did you think so? I don't know many people who had a good April. I had mountainous tax bills to pay, and stocktakes to price, and boring stuff like that. It was all just a bit full on. And then May hit, and happy days, it is a good month. For one thing, mother's day. I'm not big into fancy gifts and whatnot, but I tell you, any day you get a cup of tea in bed in the morning, and a couple of cute cards made by a couple of cute kids, well, that is a good day. Mother's Day cards
And all I really wanted to do was go somewhere that smelled of trees and oxygen. How hippy do I sound? But sometimes, in this crazy world of commerce in which we move, and in the changeable seasons, it is quite a challenge to get some nature, so we went to the Rimutaka Forest Park and had a beautiful walk. It was like a fairytale, we even saw red spotty toadstools.
Finn and Malo
All the pictures I took looked like the Blair Witch Project.