Friday, May 28, 2010

Almost June

I have high hopes for June. April was shitarse, May has been better, and June is shaping up to be pretty great. Mainly it is great for work/shop reasons. I've had a really good idea for the shop (in Mt Vic), which involves a bit of rearranging, and I think will make it wicked good. We're going to make the side room a sort of baby/child stuff room, and the main part of the shop super sophisticated grown up stuff, and coincidentally all this really cool product has started appearing, which is fun and designery gorgeous.

And the kiddies are fabulous. Lucy decided yesterday she was going to actually walk, rather than dragging herself around on her arse. I'm very pleased, she seemed not very interested for potentially ever, but how can I form her into a mini version of Rachel from Glee if she wouldn't dance? I suppose she could've been Artie. Yeah. I watched too much Glee.

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Anonymous said...

Artie's a better singer.