Thursday, May 13, 2010


Through cunningness, and slight disorganisation (shh), I have an unexpected night sitting on the couch. I can't print t shirts, because they're all in the shop in Mt Vic, and I can't drive in to get them because I fell over and two glasses of cab sav slid down my throat. Which may or may not be a lie. I did certainly have huevos rancheros made with delicious homemade tortillas. I finally treated myself to a tortilla press, and the process of making them is a joy! And yes, we'll admit it, I had a glass or two of le vin.

What a convoluted paragraph that was, if you've made it this far, you've earned a million dollars.

It is freaking mid May now. I don't know how that happened, but I can say I'm delighted. April was a bit ick. Did you think so? I don't know many people who had a good April. I had mountainous tax bills to pay, and stocktakes to price, and boring stuff like that. It was all just a bit full on. And then May hit, and happy days, it is a good month. For one thing, mother's day. I'm not big into fancy gifts and whatnot, but I tell you, any day you get a cup of tea in bed in the morning, and a couple of cute cards made by a couple of cute kids, well, that is a good day. Mother's Day cards
And all I really wanted to do was go somewhere that smelled of trees and oxygen. How hippy do I sound? But sometimes, in this crazy world of commerce in which we move, and in the changeable seasons, it is quite a challenge to get some nature, so we went to the Rimutaka Forest Park and had a beautiful walk. It was like a fairytale, we even saw red spotty toadstools.
Finn and Malo
All the pictures I took looked like the Blair Witch Project.

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sas said...

your posts about drinking and parenting fill me with hope that one day i could breed too.

pls send million dollars fast post.