Thursday, April 22, 2010

Booze, and lack thereof.

With an increase in professionalism and and busy-ness has come a lack of pissed-ness. Woe! So tonight I drank some Glayva (only booze left in the house, bar tequila, and you really don't want tequila blogging). And I'm blogging. I love you blogging, you're awesome. The only thing I love more than you, blogging, is twittering. Damn Twitter, it is the whore that stole my heart. I hate it, but I can't look away.

The news? Well, work has gone from pretty part time with me looking after the kids, to Glen looking after the kids a lot, and me working. Dammit. This was never the plan. The problem is wanting it allll. I want to choose the stock, I want to meet the customers, and I want to hang with the kiddies. Things have been a little stressful, truth be told. But probably 500% better than when Glen was working full time, so genuinely quite happy. Stress is part of any successful business.

And with that willowly wafty yawny lame-o update, I'm off to add eggs to the donburi.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I want tequila blogging.

(from you, not me. I have one rule, and that's that Nothing Good Ever Happened After Tequila.)