Monday, April 05, 2010

Are you geddon it?

Yesterday we went to Armageddon. Oh my, what an eye opener that turned out to be. I have no idea what we were expecting, but let me say we were not expecting the be-costumed soft parts of so many youth. And by soft parts I do not mean rude bits. Just their bodies.

Once we overcame our shock, we got on with the business of enjoying ourselves. It was heaven for the kids, there were storm troopers roaming, or maybe there was just one, but he was a friendly chap and waved to everyone. There was a blue man, not a Smurf, erm, is Nav-i the term I'm after? And then we glanced in at the speeches, and this bloke was speaking -> he was funny, and he was wearing sandals and socks, and talked about how he was concentrating on his "visual art" and his "wire sculptures". I was just impressed he was on Benson and Boston Legal. Oh, and Star Trek, there was a reason he was at Armageddon.

Following that was the very surreal experience of seeing the little black woman with the squeaky voice, from Police Academy (I was going to mention her big boobs, but I don't want to seem uncouth) singing a Tina Turner song. That was utterly weird.

Fortunately she was joined by that bloke from Police Academy, Michael Winslow, who does the sound effects. He was quite awesome, and did a whole scene from Star Wars.

I think we've geeked out enough for maybe the rest of our lives, although I have to say, while it didn't seem fun at the time, I'm kind of pleased we went.


The Style Hive said...

I went on the Sunday, was my first time attending as well. I was a bit shocked but gotta try everything at least once. Maybe I just felt too old to be there?

Violet said...

We went the year before last, and managed to miss all of the interesting shows (that's assuming there were any). All we saw was a bunch of teenage boys playing "magic" at card tables, and a bunch of sci fi celebs that I didn't recognise. Now, if some of the Buffy/Angel actors had turned up, I'd have had something to write home about...

Oy Vey said...

I had to look this up. Oh my. Wil Wheaton was twittering about 'cosplay' and now I know what it is. Will you watch Caprica already? Glen IS Daniel Graystone. Uncanny.

Anonymous said...