Monday, August 25, 2008


I cannot tell you how much I loved this song, but now a family friendly version (SFW and everything).

Thanks to Peter.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


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For some reason I haven't used a decent camera since I got my phone, and consequently all my photos for 2 years have been pus. It works well though, for those times I'm plonked on the couch and fancy taking a picture of the beautiful tulips on the mantlepiece. This has only happened once, tonight, but I'm sure it will become a frequent occurrence.

I can FEEL Spring around the corner.

The year that was

I've been meandering through my pictures on flickr. Jeez Wayne, it has been a huge year. When this picture was taken, I:

had no shop
had no plans to have a shop
had no baby inside me
nor any plans to

and those things alone make me feel pretty great. Great because it is a pleasing reminder that I will have a normal sized body again, and pleasing because I realise how much better this family is now. Glen is like a new man, he is a self-employed hero. He enjoys his 2 days a week in his old job, and revels in the website building and general business of the shop and Dishy and all that jazz.

I'm amazed that it is all kind of working, and feeling pretty good because our accountant has just done the books, and they look like this whole shebang is maintainable.

It is terrifying to think about what happens in 17 weeks, when this baby appears (I have palpitations every time I think about how soon that is), however, it will be interesting to see what the next 12 months produce.

I'm vaguely thinking a pet snake and a ferris wheel in the front yard are plausible.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Et aussi

My wee shop is in September House and Garden, great wee write up, very stoked. Checkit on page 163.

Sweet reprieve

We were in a position this week whereby we had to make our house very, very clean and very, very stylish. It sounds ridiculous, but it was impossibly difficult. For this reason I realise I will never move house, open homes would kill me.

The tidying and shenanigans wasn't helped by the excessive busy-ness of every other part of my life, and the immensely huge bump that has attached itself to my front (and my arse, but lets not go there).

And then a phonecall, our date has been postponed! The cleaning immediately stopped, the empty router boxes are still on the lounge floor, the papers are still on the bench waiting to go to the recycling, the elegant and tasteful towels will be tucked in the hot water cupboard, ready for our next stress-out, cleaning appointment.

And I'm LOUNGING, like a big, bloated lounge lizard. Yup, not so stylish and clean after all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Zoom zoom zoom

No idea what happened to this week, there was this vague blur, and now I'm sitting on the couch eating Godiva truffles and facing another weekend.

Regarding the Olympics, I should mention that I used to babysit one of the rowers, and I can sense that my commands of "go to bed NOW" are an integral part of his motivation. He was quite naughty.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Further life lessons

  • Do not think, because you are old, that boiled macaroni won't be filled with boiling water. It will, and it will scald your lip, and make it look like you have a bad habit with smoking very little bits of joints (like a certain teacher at a certain school, who shall remain nameless, but anyone that knows un-said school will know exactly who I mean).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Things we learned today

  • 5 minutes in the microwave will set tortillas on fire.
  • There is no functioning smoke alarm in our house, which explains why we can't remember where we put it.
  • Burnt tortillas add a nice, authentic, smokey flavour to a house that is lacking a real fireplace.
  • Icecream makes a decent filler when still hungry from absence of tortillas from plate.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We were delaying our 20 week scan until my parents got back from France, so that they could come and have a look. However, on Wednesday when I rang to make the appointment, I was told in no uncertain terms that 23 weeks was way too late for the 20 week scan. This lead to a very surprise trip to the scan place (okay, nappy brain well established, the radiographers? Scanners? Ultrasounders?), on Thursday morning, and lo! A girl baby!

I'm very chuffed. I thought I was carrying a girl, and my instincts are true, so at one with nature am I (also experiencing every old wives tale symptom possible). I had readied myself for it being a boy, and so now I'm thinking I need to have another baby as well, so that my "mother of 3 boys" dream comes true. First things first though, I'll concentrate on getting this wee sheila out of me nice and healthy.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pretty Pretty Pretty

I've mentioned PrettyPrettyPretty before, and now you have no excuse not to check them out, they HAVE PRIZES. I've received one of their goodie boxes in the past, and I tells ya, they're a bloody treat. If ever you catch me smelling yummy, coconut roughy, it will be due to Ms Hubris' famous Sugar Scrub. I urge you to enter the competition, the prizes are fantastic.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Psychic voodoo shit

Last night I dreamed my tights were baggy.

Today, my tights are baggy.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


  • The pain of the car loss has passed, which makes me feel a lot less shallow.
  • My nails are pink, which makes all the shallowness come back, they're so cute.
  • My tummy is kicky, lovely wee baby. I succumbed to some clothes the other day for it, although since we don't know what we're having I had to get a boy thing and a girl thing. Votes being taken on gender.
  • Did anyone spot that sun today? Yeah, freaked me out too.
  • I am resolved to not use exclamation marks for a while.