Sunday, August 24, 2008

The year that was

I've been meandering through my pictures on flickr. Jeez Wayne, it has been a huge year. When this picture was taken, I:

had no shop
had no plans to have a shop
had no baby inside me
nor any plans to

and those things alone make me feel pretty great. Great because it is a pleasing reminder that I will have a normal sized body again, and pleasing because I realise how much better this family is now. Glen is like a new man, he is a self-employed hero. He enjoys his 2 days a week in his old job, and revels in the website building and general business of the shop and Dishy and all that jazz.

I'm amazed that it is all kind of working, and feeling pretty good because our accountant has just done the books, and they look like this whole shebang is maintainable.

It is terrifying to think about what happens in 17 weeks, when this baby appears (I have palpitations every time I think about how soon that is), however, it will be interesting to see what the next 12 months produce.

I'm vaguely thinking a pet snake and a ferris wheel in the front yard are plausible.


Sarah said...

Congratulations Martha! What a gorgeous post and photo. You're an inspiration for daring to dream and having the determination to make those dreams a reality. Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly and I can feel your excitement for the future in your writing.
Best wishes,
Sarah (a fellow Wellingtonian - and proud to be too!)

Martha Craig said...

Thanks Sarah! You're right, I am excited, mind you, I tend not to feel much like writing on my off days...

Emma said...

Freakin' adorable. Freakin'. And the picture of Glen and the boys that is right next to that one on Flickr? What a lovely family!

unPC lesbian said...

oooh, I always fancied a pet baby Elephant, I thought it would look so cool taking it for a walk.

Martha Craig said...

Thanks Emma, we were commenting on how tired Glen looked in all the pictures then, he looks much fresher these days.

UnPC, I was going to write elephant, but we'd had lots of conversations yesterday about the Elephant in the room, and I didn't want to add something that might imply hidden meaning (all a snake represents is that we watched the Darjeeling Limited in the weekend)

charlotte said...

what? seventeen weeks. holy cow. i'm in 20.

that's not that far away is it!