Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet reprieve

We were in a position this week whereby we had to make our house very, very clean and very, very stylish. It sounds ridiculous, but it was impossibly difficult. For this reason I realise I will never move house, open homes would kill me.

The tidying and shenanigans wasn't helped by the excessive busy-ness of every other part of my life, and the immensely huge bump that has attached itself to my front (and my arse, but lets not go there).

And then a phonecall, our date has been postponed! The cleaning immediately stopped, the empty router boxes are still on the lounge floor, the papers are still on the bench waiting to go to the recycling, the elegant and tasteful towels will be tucked in the hot water cupboard, ready for our next stress-out, cleaning appointment.

And I'm LOUNGING, like a big, bloated lounge lizard. Yup, not so stylish and clean after all.

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