Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Possibly my first before and after

Dining area

These are our magic new cupboards. I went up to the Pixies in March, and on my drive I stopped in at a gorgeous wee store in Taihape called (I think) Aunt Bessies Design Store. The place carried really similar stock to us, which was slightly surreal, and had the most amazing fittings. The owner's mum was there, she was awesome "call me Gaga", and she said the beautiful painted bentwood chairs had come from her cowshed, and the cupboards pictured below were from an old school science lab, being chucked out. Well, to cut a long story short, the lovely owner, Mary, called me because she'd been offered a great job in Australia, and did I want any of the fittings?

The cupboards are exactly what we needed in our kitchen, full of character, and with loads of useful storage. The chairs are all being used in the shops to hold up precious cushions.



benkepes said...

Nice! And if the kids end up being as anally retentive as me they can put cards in the holders to indicate exactly what each cupboard contains! Good find!

Martha Craig said...

But if you're as anally retentive as me, you'd never be able to find the right font.

benkepes said...

Hmm - I'm anally retentive but not in a designer'y way. So I'd stick to Arial, or Palatino, or something (but, I hasten to point out, not wingdings - I may not be a designer, but that don't mean I'm tasteless)


est said...

Beautiful cupboards. So hard to find wall hung cupboards that aren't naff-o-rama. On the font front, do you LOVE dafont?

est said...

also, have you checked out 'making it lovely' very cute blog. very stylie like you ms craig!

joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, have you falen off the dge of the world? I check(regulalrly) to see if you are makinging like Lazarus, but to da-nada since 8 June.
Petal, it's almost August and I need my fix of others who too have wandered into the corridors of motherhood and whirlygig life when I MEANt to go directly to Married-to-a-millionaire-with-shedloads-of-money-and -a-fulltime-staff-of-minion-to-help-ville.

So, head out the booze cabinet and tickle the keyboards with something, anything, for us, síl vous plais.

Martha Craig said...

Jennie! Sorry pal, I've started writing a few times, but my head is filled with idiotically boring parking shenanigans at the new shop, and I haven't wanted to seem too crazy, until NOW. I'll write a post about it later.