Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blah di blah

Man, it has been ages. This winter has been a bit shit, yes? Everyone seems to be grumpy and down, and I'm no exception. I've been trying to be discreet and grown up about dramas, but hells, time to share.

Our pretty shop in Mt Vic has been a bit of a trial lately. It is trading well, gorgeous, our staff are just fantastic, but we're having a few issues with parking. It is SO BORING that I bore myself talking about it, but unfortunately it is really important for businesses with no foot traffic to have decent parking, and sadly this just ain't the case. I won't go into the details, although I'll talk about it for hours to anyone that is interested in real life, but here I guess I need to keep some professional decorum. It is an ongoing struggle, and tedious as hell.

So during all this stupid drama we got robbed. Twice. At the Mt Vic shop. Le sigh. We have a jolly good alarm, so they didn't get away with much, but you know we love that pretty shop, and it is just sending us test after test. For instance, the night we were robbed we were away for the first time in an eternity for a single night (our broken car had prevented us getting away earlier, as planned), and Glen had to drive back from the Wairarapa at 2am to fix the door. Woe!

See why I've stayed off here? I'm a total bore.

The happy news is that it is all just slightly surreal, and basically we're pretty content and happy. If we only had one shop I think it would've slayed our confidence, but because we have another completely perfect and unproblematic shop in Petone, we know all this bullshit is not our fault, not due to any ineptness on our part, just pure craziness.

I'm absolutely determined not to let a few problems ruin what is fun about being in business, and there is still plenty of fun to be had, for instance I've gone hard out with shopping (for the shop) lately, and that is extremely great, and we're still keen to be the best business people ever, so these testing situations will just thicken up our skin a little for further growth and greatness.

And it is only 5 months to Christmas, and I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. Summer! Hanging out! Warm weather!


Sharonnz said...

Stinky poo pants to the naughty robbers:-( And yes, summer cannot come soon enough!

Martha Craig said...

Drugs man, I'm sure they were after money for drugs.

Yeah, summer, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank the man in the pointy white hat in Rome! You're back......and to be honest, you could have discussed your haemmeroids in depth and I would have been delighted.Two thumbs down to the c*%ksuckers who robbed you, but I am a great believer in the swingdoors of Karma.Just you wait.


Martha Craig said...

You're lovely. What if the bad karma is to make up for fact we've had such a sweet run up until this point?! The universe is balancing us out.

Martha Craig said...

and that very minute a lovely person came in, and was lovely, and we schemed and dreamed, and now I'm excited and happy. Thank you karma!

Mel Archer said...

Poo to the robbers, but yay for the approaching summer! This year I am coming up to visit Wellington for Christmas so I am looking forward to popping into the shop/s :)

Anonymous said...

oh dear sound terribly rubbish - I'm looking forward to Christmas too!

Anonymous said...

Karma! Isn't she a doll!
...and FYI,,,there is no such thing as BAD karma. Karma just is Karma.I like that......
And now I am dreaming of summer going to have myself a wee pre-summer G&T just to get the vibe and watch my kids torment each other ...and when it's time to intervene, I think I might just turn the hose on them!!
Chin up, life is good.

joven said...

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