Friday, March 25, 2005


I love space. Not the universe and solar system and all that (although it is fine). I love when buildings get knocked down. I drove down the top of Willis St yesterday, and there is some gorgeous new space there.

I don't want to get into the bypass issue. I spent a long time sharing an office with someone who cared very much about it, and to be honest I've kind of done my dash with the whole thing.

What I like is that big air feeling you get when a building goes. Some bastard knocked down a very cool old building on the corner of Jackson and Cuba Sts recently. Dumb to lose the building, but lovely to have the space. Everytime it happens somewhere you think "imagine if they left it like that, or as a nice park".

There was a massive scandal surrounding the old Radio NZ building on Bowen St. It has turned into the greatest little area ever to eat your lunch now - with all the public servants.

When I rule the world I'll do that to lots of places.

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Mike said...

Space is nice and I was thinking the very same as I trundled up Willis St this morning.

Of course space very rarely stays just as space ... shame.