Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Butterflies in my belly

We made an offer last night on the cafe, and it wasn't gratefully accepted. In fact it wasn't accepted at all. The guy is going to see if there is any other interest over the next couple of weeks. If not I think we'll get it, but I might die of some stress related illness before then, or get a big ulcer or something.

I've already got the menu planned, art exhibitions booked (in my head at least) and staffing needs sorted. Everyone I know has offered to work there.


Mike said...

Cognrats on cafe - can we know where or is it early days?

AND, welcome to the Wellington blogsphere.

(Like the Pulp song reference BTW)

Mike said...

And I should read with my eyes and not what I think you said!! Sorry, hope you get the place after all.


Martha said...

Thanks Mike. I'm pleased to be part of the Welly blog brigade - although I'm a total amateur and have no idea how to load pics, do links etc. All in good time though.

I tell you what, I am so blimmin antsy about this cafe I have the feeling we'll be making a slightly bigger offer soon...

Let you know where it is when we know more.

Mike said...

Good luck with it.
Maybe you could have a "Bloggers night" of it once you're up and running.

I don't know if it'll help but try these:

Wellington blogsphere
Blogging, the story so far

And a cracking 'starting point' is the Wellingtonist

rowena said...

I stumbled onto your blog via the 'next'button and gathering from this post, you are planning on opening a cafe! Sorry to hear that your offer was turned down, but hopefully something will come through for you.

I scrolled down and also skimmed the Canada post...and I must say, YEAH for maple syrup. I live here in Italy (Hawaii expat) and when I found canadian maple syrup and oceanspray cranberry sauce at my favorite supermarket chain, I wanted to just shout for joy.

I hope to see some good news on the cafe in the future!

Alan said...

Good luck Martha!

I'm sure you'll see us sooner or later - while we don't patronise caf├ęs as much as we used to (for reasons shared I think) we do spread our patronage around every month or so.

Like Mike, dig the Pulp reference. I need some more of that, only have that album with "Common People" on it...