Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bloody weather

This blog hasn't quite turned out the way I'd imagined. I was thinking it would be filled with insightful commentary about the world. Also the charming minutiae of day to day life. It would have clever links and stunning photos that would get me discovered by Magnum.

I'm blaming the weather for the fact it isn't working that way.

So instead of fascinating insights - here goes day to day tedium.

This morning started at about 6 with a yell from Malo and subsequent feed. Finn got up shortly after, but I hid in bed til about 8. Usual feeding, showering chaos til Glen went to work. Then much road building, Thomas track making, a bit of Elmo, some phonecalling, some organising a joiner, some getting morning tea, followed shortly after by getting lunch. Someone wanted to look at the car we have for sale, so there was a bit of car cleaning (though the guy didn't show up). After lunch there was a bit of trying to get Finn to sleep - which I gave up on after 20 minutes. I bought some snazzy shoes on Ebay. Love Ebay. Spent the afternoon trying to give Finn his due attention and watching Dogtown and Z-boys (which was cool). Made Jamie Oliver's Chicken Maryland for tea (which was delicious). Had a bath with Malo. Having a glass of wine and trying to type straight now.

Do you know, for a crappy rainy day it all actually added up to a bloody pleasant one? Quite good to write it all down.

More wine now I think.


Alan said...

Ha ha! Don't read my latest, then. :-)

Muvet said...

Waht a delicious day it turned out
to be. Imagine if you could fit in
a spot of shopping as well...

Muvet said...

If only I could spell...I could become a regular blogger.

Martha said...

Good spelling intimidates some people.

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