Friday, April 01, 2005

Lush hic

Not getting this cafe has had an unexpected result. I've turned into a lush, and a big spender. I've had wine now on 3 consecutive nights - three! And today I bought boots and a jacket and 2 tops. Honestly, out of hand.

My dear friend Megan and I spent the morning with one baby each, being ladies of leisure. We cruised into town in her work car (vital as petrol is now some outlandish expense). Parked under the library, and went straight for the Old Bank Arcade. We started relatively slowly. Bit of trying on hats, bags and accessories in general (well, hats and bags). It wasn't til we got to Ruby that I forgot about being a sensible, frugal mother of 2 from the Hutt. I can't resist a charming 20 year old shop girl telling you that you look good in youf clothes.

After all the hip threads action we went to Smiths the Grocer and calmed down with some choc and caffeine. Supre followed which is HILARIOUS, and full of stuff for 12 year olds and Kylie Minogue. Tried as hard as I might to forget I was at the 80s first time round, but just couldn't do the fricken pink and blue striped baggy v necked jumper.

Moving on, got myself some rock n roll genuine Wanda Harland hooker boots. 'Cept responsible ones without stiletto heels. All this crazy shopping action was prompted by the whole going out scenario tonight. However... found out my friend was flying in at 9pm. Now, I know I'm kinda out of the loop, but going into town at 10pm? Puh-lease. So I went to my parents and drank wine with them instead.

End of being rock n roll, though my mum liked my boots.

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