Monday, April 11, 2005

Mid life crisis

We're having a little mid life crisis in our house. Is that what it is called when you buy a red porsche? We haven't got a porsche - just a nice red vespa. Glen got his licence today, so he is going out for a ride now - legally for a change. I was all fired up to get one too, until the beast arrived. For a scooter it is very big and heavy and a little scary.

Nice for Glen to be a bit dangerous though. Makes him the most rock n roll scientist in Petone.


Mr Reasonable said...

Neat. Also real brave judging by the way the average Wellingtonian drives. Being an import myself, I am confused as to how such a friendly people turn into speed obsessed drag racers behind the wheel? Nothing on earth would get me onto two wheels. Mind you, I am envious of the freedom he will have zipping in and out of the traffic.

caroline morphess said...

Yes,indeed, brave man. Driving here terrifies me, took me 9 months to get over the bridge, and I still suck my tummy in going through the top part to make the car thinner.
Went to Raro in January and had to take scooter licence. We hired a Vespa and I have to say it was fab dashing along the tracks sans helmet.

Martha said...

I sucked my tummy in just thinking about that bridge.

Aren't people in cars awful? Worst thing is I try and rise above the bad driving, but can't avoid getting furious with people being road ragey.

caroline said...

Yes, it's just so stupid.
I am in a car.
Often with my loved ones.
I want us all to live.
It's not f**king rocket science is it?