Saturday, April 09, 2005

Loudest swear words yet

Well we didn't get the Mt Cook cafe. Quite sad really, but someone out-offered us. It's strange because we were quite ambivalent about it, but now some other lucky bastard has it we're feeling devastated.

This is the third offer we've made that we've missed out on. First 2 were houses. They weren't that important. I got a bit obsessed with Petone apparently liquifying in an earthquake after the tsunami, and started seeking higher ground. I'm not so worried about liquification nowand the houses don't seem to matter as much - and I love Petone all over again.

I bloody love the Mt Cook cafe though, so this may take some getting over.


Alan said...

You'll get the next one. Or maybe diversify - any pet motels coming up? Or cheese factories? Shearing contractors?

Martha said...

Well I've just sold our car - car dealership? Bit silly really as now we have no car. Should have seen that coming I guess.

llew said...

Yeah, the Mt Cook cafe would have been a long way to go without a car anyway.

I'm a big believer in karma - a better opportunity will come along soon.

Martha said...

And I'm constantly scheming, so actually getting the cafe would've put an end to all my fun