Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mmmm pizza

Quite often in my head I'm Homer Simpson. I'm having one of those moments now. We've ordered a Hungry Kiwis pizza for dinner, and in the spirit of hungover people we've ordered one called all day brunch. It features scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, some vergetably type stuff and hollandaise. Now, not only is this a recipe for a heart-attack, but also inexcusable as I haven't got a hangover at all from the one heineken I had yesterday with the builder.

I do have a unique kind of hangover that comes from feeding one small son at 3am, then having to get up with said son at 5am, as he was totally over sleeping.

We've had a lovely day in the Wairarapa despite fatigue. I got a bit nervous as we drove into Greytown and it was full of big flash 4x4s and lots of bobbed blond hair, designer jeans and sunglasses. I felt like we'd jolted ourselves up to Mission Bay. We got through it all unscathed (apart from an attack of french bakery goodies).

Had a blissful day stomping around paddocks and reading the Listener.

Anyway, Homer time. Mmm pizza.


Mr Reasonable said...

Was it good? I am a boring pizza eater - had a daring encounter with that wedges one from Dominos once but other than that I am a dreary meat feast chomper. Shall I come over to the dark side?

Martha said...

Hungry Kiwis is very good indeed. They do a delicious chicken and smoked cheese one too. About a million times nicer than Dominoes, and if you register with them you get one free pizza, and then they keep emailing you free deals. Means a trip to the Hutt though. And I don't want to sound like I'm advertising them.

They haven't disappointed yet - unlike a certain other local pizzeria who insisted that the staple in the pizza couldn't possibly have come from them. Yeah right, we're seasoning with stationary all the time.

Mr Reasonable said...

Yum. Might have to broaden my taste range. Not too keen on the idea of "Naples Staples" though!