Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dirty confession

This is where I totally loose my credibility and respect.


I like to go to the Warehouse after the children are in bed.

Tonight I went because I needed some batteries and a paper.

I bought:

2 AAA batteries (good)
Paper (good, need paper to find a car and keep up with world events)
Pinky (good, Glen likes them. This is why he is so skinny)
Jellybeans (good for a little energy burst to manage the drive home)
Beck CD (good because the young guy asked what music I'm into, which means I don't look too old)
Feather duster (good for tickling my neck while I shopped)

The beauty of the whole venture is that I get to mooch around, look at every item imaginable, come home and the dishes are done. I look good because I've bought a chocolate offering (even if it is a Pinky), and a CD gift (he'll never suspect it's really for me). I sit down and get made a nice cuppa, listen to the new music and I've only spent $32.

Here endeth my confession.


caroline said...

Yes, indeed. I remember those days well. Even a trip out to the supermarket ALONE was hugely exciting.
I sometimes used to think that I was trying to shop with a couple of windmills going full blast, crashing into things and swipeing things off shelves..

llew said...

There's something about the Warehouse though - you pop in with something in mind that costs say $20 (2 tier worm farm for instance), and leave with the farm filled with $80 worth of junk & dog toys.

Martha said...

Llew, happens every time I'm in there for a worm farm. I guess the point is that EVERYONE gets a bargain.

And Caroline, it is so peaceful and moony and surreal with no kids in tow. To be completely honest it is like being stoned.

caroline said...

In there for a worm farm?

Are you sure you're not stoned?

Martha said...

I thought our garden was a worm farm. Shows how much I know.

Mr Reasonable said...

I love the Warehouse. First went there in 1995 (Nelson, December 22nd) on my first ever trip to NZ. Bought loads of shit. Was happy. Went home. Broke most of it. Didn't care 'cause it was like a dollar. I once new a guy who bought a microwave there and said that it was so cheap he'd rather chuck it out and buy a new one than clean it....

Martha said...

(Looks nervously at her microwave) - whaddaya mean clean it? Aren't they self cleaning? I call the specks of food protein packs, little dashes of seasoning.

Mr Reasonable said...

Ah, like a good pan, seasoned and broken in for extra taste.