Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting experimental on your arse

I am now going to try a link. Almost peeing my pants with the excitement of it all.

How do I make this look a different colour and write something witty about it?

Anyway the link is to a terrible website I made when I was at work about 4 years ago. I wish I could say it was 10 years ago so it doesn't seem so dorky. Be warned if you check it out it pulls up heaps of really horrible ads. Also if anyone wanted to stalk me it contains pictures of me ON MY WEDDING DAY. I know. So exciting.


Martha said...

oh and ps. we were in Vegas. You're allowed to look cheesy in Vegas.

Alan said...

Doesn't seem cheesy to me. Don't see the classic cheese "new husband reaching for object stuck in new bride's garter" going on there.

Sarah said...

Excellent. I shall put my stalking boots on.

Martha said...

Bearing in mind I look two children more weary than that bright eyed lass you see in the pictures.

And Alan, no garter shots. It was all very rock n roll and we just got drunk with two friends - while watching men pick up hookers at the bar.