Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big crane

Me and the boys had just the best morning. A friend has got herself a house, but the house was in a place it couldn't stay. Friend had to get architects and quantity surveyors and crane operators and house relocators and council blokes and all manner of very clever and expensive people to take the house to Waikanae, build some piles and the drive the house to Johnsonville. And today it all came together. There is something so great about seeing a house cut in two being swung through the air by a crane, and lowered down. I guess it makes me appreciate that while renovating our place has been hard work, it hasn't been THAT bad.

Anyway, it was a good time for all of us. I like houses and cranes, Finn likes cranes and trucks, and Malo just likes being around me and Finn.

Perfect morning. And the house has made it, and in 3 months (and probably another 100k) will be liveable.



caroline morphess said...

Love the Kiwi house moving thing. It's amazing watching it happen isn't it?

Didn't see it myself but the very house in which I sit was moved from Parnell to the Wop wops 12 years ago. You can still see the join...

Jessie said...

Sounds cool! My nephew (5yo) would have loved it. My own previous home in Wanganui was moved - apparently it's up the Paraparas now (remote windy road between Wanganui and Raetihi). Wouldn't like to have been stuck behind that truck.

Martha said...

As I understand it everone thinks moving a house will be marvellously economical - adn it never is. At least it keeps some of the foxy old houses alive.

It really was amazing to watch. I can't get enough of cranes.