Friday, November 07, 2008

Coherant thoughts are gone

I have this vague recollection of using bullet points when I was trying to keep it brief, or make some points. Now, well, I can barely string two sentences together. This will not stop me from writing today something that probably should be bullet pointed, given a complete lack of continuity and interestingness, but out of principle I try and not do too many bullet posts in a row.

Election tomorrow. I'm sad I can't go and vote drunk, like last time, where I berated the overseer, um, supervisor, oh brain! You know, SCRUTINEER, I think. He was wearing a National rosette, and I didn't like him being there, and I'd had a few vins so let him know. I'm so cool. Mind you, Petone is pretty red, so he shouldn't be surprised.

We're still trying to find a car we like that will fit our massive army of family members. I'm finding it hard to go past European cars, looking at our history in cars (we've had many), I tend to love the European ones best. My favourite was our little Alfa, oh how I adored it. I think we spent about a million dollars on getting rust removed and fun things like that, and yet, I still loved it.

Should anyone be looking for the perfect Christmas gift we have STORMTROOPER CUFFLINKS. They're awesome.

I've completely lost my bloggy mojo. I think the baby is sapping me of iron, sveltness and brains. Bless.


Shopgirl Anne said...

What about an Alfa stationwagon? Best o' both world?

I'm not sure how safe the Alfa is. It is quite low. What about a VW?

Why have we never talked about this before? I heart cars!

Shopgirl Anne said...