Sunday, September 05, 2010


We've just been having the most insane batch of bad luck for the last couple of months, and it kind of ruins wanting to say anything on this blog, because everything is like "yeah, we went to Melbourne, but the car got pranged and it cost $4000", and "yeah, the shop is good, but then some cheeky motherfucker stole the ipod and it ruined my mood", and trust me, it has been a very long series of these sort of events. Fact is though, we're still very chipper. At this point all the stupidness is almost a joke, and as long as the bank doesn't actually expect us to pay back the credit card, we'll be fine.

And this year has just been full of reasons to not fret about these dramas. I think we've been acutely aware that, while things have been a bit mental, we are still happy, healthy and all those good things. And as if to drive that home a bit more, Christchurch has this mad earthquake yesterday. Christchurch is where I spent my childhood, and I'm very fond of the place. It is definitely my turangawaewae, I always feel like I've gone home when I visit, even though I was only 12 when I left. It is pretty weird to think that all the reasons I love it, all that sort of solid Englishness, has been largely busted.

I've been feeling for years that Petone was a ticking time bomb, but crikey, bloody Christchurch eh? Fortunately everyone in my family is fine and their houses have held up. What a weird year.

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oh dear (pat).