Friday, August 06, 2010

On a roll

Not really, but I'm trying to gather momentum, so here I am. I'm going to Melbourne next week, and I intend to have very little contact with the internet while I'm there.

I'm bloody excited. I will be visiting a couple of trade fairs while I'm there, they're gonna be awesome. The ones in New Zealand are frankly very, very marginal. They're worth have a look because occasionally some awesomeness is tucked amongst the Jack Daniels mirrors, plush toys, rude shaped candles and so on, but by and large it is dross. The Aussie ones are full of loveliness and inspiration, which is what enjoying work is all about.

So adieu. Ooh, tell you what, why don't you all leave your hot tips for must see places and eats in Melbourne?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm eating out in Melb. can be a bit of a minefield. Even though there are some fabulous restaurants I think (compared with Wellies) you really have to know where to go because there are also a lot of crap restaurants where people just don't try. Stay away from obvious tourist traps (Lygon St, near Vic Markets, South Bank, Docklands, cake shops on Acland St, Degraves). Depends on a bit on your budget and where you're staying too? The city is a bit rubbish for eating out generally although there are lots of great high end restaurants but generally for more reasonably priced good food you might want to head to St Kilda, Fitzroy (Brunswick St), Sth Yarra, Richmond, North Melbourne. During the day there are better cafes down the 'Paris end' of town (Flinders Lane, Bourke St etc) although obviously is the more boring business end of city. Might be worth picking up a copy of either the Good Food Guide or Cheap Eats Guide for a bit of a steer? Afternoon tea at the Art Gallery (NGV) is really good. There are lots of interesting crafty-type shops in Flinders lane/Collins St but a lot of them are in weirdy places that you have to walk to (and a bit hidden). Brunswick St good too? Top sightseeing tip for Melbourne... golly I don't know. If in Welly I'd send people up Mt Vic and to the Cable Car/Bot Gardens but here can't think of an equivalent (already really there's plenty to do - so much shopping!).

Hana said...

Not sure about hot spots and eateries, but the owners of the Ink and Spindle are based in Melbourne.

Blog here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Marth, how long are you there for? I'm flying to Melbourne en route to Adelaide on the 15th. Would much prefer to be staying in Melbourne though...yum. Megan H

Songbird Designs said...

Cookie in the central city is Yummo and cool atmosphere as well. Borshct, Vodka and Tears ion Chappel; st is a cool experience. Lunch - Alimetari and Babuska on Brunswick Street. Rose St Artist Markets, off Bruswick St Very worthwhile seeing! The coffee, anywhere, THE BEST. Enjoy.