Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brain exercise

I'm not feeling brainy. I used to feel pretty onto it, but now my brain is FULL of boring staff rosters, GST returns, accounts to pay. Total yawnfest. I don't know how people keep a part of their brain for themselves when there is so much to have to think about, but they do, and I'm going to too. I just don't know how yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

I think what I used to do is, erm, nothing really, maybe that was the key. I'd have some quiet time, and sha-winnnng! Total brainiac!

Perhaps just the exercise of writing on here will be enough to provoke a surge in braincells. We'll try that eh. I remember when I first opened the shop, and I fancied myself sitting there at the counter, writing away. Turns out that isn't how shops work, who knew?

Until the brain mojo returns, read this lady.


sue said...

you need more martini's and afternoon teas

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you for the link! This lady loves being read. Also, being called a lady. That *never* happens.