Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend the Great

My previous drunken posts probably reveal part of the fun this weekend was. After a lovely, busy day in the shop in Petone, visited by lots of great people and chatting away to all the ace customers, I came home to a delicious bottle of wine. I love the beginning of daylight savings, I know it is a drag for some, but when you've got kids who are waking earlier and earlier, is is psychologically a blimmin godsend. And wine! A good evening of drunken scheming, twittering, singing 80s songs (C4 had a well timed 80s night), awesome.

This morning Lucy was really unwell. Now it is going to sound like I'm a monster, but I loved the cuddles and she napped in bed with me, while the boys did whatever they liked. She was heaps better after a kip, and no more spewing, so we all just hung out and watched telly and played. And the shops were again busy, which always puts me in a good mood.

We got pizza delivered from Wholly Pizza. They have those huge slices like in movies. I just love it, and their service was awesome. We got bagels delivered too, so we're sorted for a yummy lunch tomorrow.

Blah blah happy happy. Things have turned. For some months there was no wine, and no good service from anyone. Happy.


Sharonnz said...

Happy is good!

Makavetis said...

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