Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas letter


  • Had a shop.
  • Bought Dishy.
  • Got pregnant (baby appears to be waiting for next year to be born).
  • Boys too clever and gorgeous to be believed.
  • Planted a vege garden.
  • Ate all the radishes before anyone else could.
  • Sold the Mini, bought a station wagon, sign of the times.
  • Loved 2008, although it was the most full on, hectic year ever, it was full of accomplishment and new challenges. It turns out these are what make life interesting.
  • Spent a large proportion of the year planning what I'll drink in 2009.
  • Spent a lot of time awake, obviously my body getting ready for no sleep for the next two years. I tried to suggest to the body that this was flawed logic, body arranged for baby to kick my pancreas.
  • Gave up trying to write cohesively, with good grammar or logical tenses. Liberating.


Anonymous said...

1.22am? Have you tried the pillow between the knees and under the bump whilst lying on left side trick? (of course you have)

Anonymous said...

I wish you and baby and your lovely family a happy and not too bilious holiday and hope for your continued propserity (and blogging thereof) in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Marth, the anonymous blog probably sounded a tad creepy, I feel I should identify myself. I was really coming from a place of caring and best Christmas wishes, Megan

Martha Craig said...

Don't worry Meg, I suspected it was someone that knew me!

And Harvestbird, many thanks, I'm pretty keen on continued prosperity myself.

backin15 said...

Kicked in the pancreas, head down then at least. Best of luck.