Tuesday, December 30, 2008

News at 7

I keep hoping I'll be able to update with something sort of interesting, like having had a baby or summat, but nope. Still large and in charge.

9 days overdue at this stage, which is what is known as the not-very-delightful part of pregnancy. I'm being induced on Saturday if nothing happens before then, and given my track record I don't think anything will happen before then.

Apart from feeling a bit sorry for myself, and quite hot, I'm actually having a very good time. It is lovely to spend time with the kiddlies, and I've got a whole new appreciation for Lego, that shit ROCKS. Santa brought quite a bit, then we joined the masses and the kids used their prezzy cards to get some more. Our house is Lego central, and I'm thinking about doing a covert Mars Mission re-build tonight. The only problem with Lego is all those little pieces hurt when they get stuck in your feet.

I hope you're all having great holidays. It is times like these that I bloody love the Southern Hemisphere for giving us a long holiday period in the middle of a gorgeous summer.


Sarah said...

Loving this summer too and so glad you're feeling good and happy. Lego - got to love it! Having children is the best opportunity ever to while away countless hours doing all those things we'd forgotten about before life got too darn serious! I've spent more time playing with my children's toys than they have this Christmas! Love it! Best wishes, Sarah

Vicus Scurra said...

I have spoken to Mr & Mrs Lego. They are using your slogan "That shit ROCKS" in their new campaign. I am sure that you will be adequately reimbursed.

charlotte said...

i bet you she's here.
isn't she!

I packed my bag today.
feeling much less scared now!

Martha Craig said...

Not here yet! But I'm heading off to hospital shortly, and I'm much less scared now too, it just has to happen...

audrey said...

lego rules my days and nights here too. BIG TIME. anywaaaaay... baby? XXXXXXXXXXXXX