Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yeah, still here, still queer (or not)

2 days overdue.

Quite good really, bit tired, getting excited, still finding myself working to get out orders (talk about last minute ordering!). The recession has been kind to us in our wee shop, and turnover is double what we did last year, so we're pretty chuffed. Remarkably there is still stock left too, which is good, because ordering for Christmas wasn't exactly an exact science.

I haven't been doing any shop time, although each time I pop in it seems to coincide with a supplier visiting. There is something vaguely indecent about being 9 months pregnant and in public, it all feels a bit flaming primitive.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, having a nice meal, having nice company and possibly having a nice baby. At the very least having a bit of a break from working!


Sarah said...

Wishing you all the very best! How very exciting! You never know - you might be gracing the pages of the Dom Post with the 'first baby born on Christmas Day', ho, ho! Good luck whenever bubs decides to make an appearance and enjoy every moment of your family festivities. Best wishes, Sarah

Antipodeesse said...

I know what you mean about feeling indecent: it is in-your-face irrefutable proof that you have actually engaged in seksyuwal intercourse. Gasp!

Like wot the grown-ups do...

Kelly said...

Best of luck with your delivery - and I hope that as you have been quiet since before xmas, no news is good news! :)