Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Webstock Mini

Last night was Webstock Mini. This was the gig I've been gearing up to speak at for a fortnight (although, to be honest, I've been more pre-occupied with what to wear than what to say...).

It was freaking marvellous. Rod Drury spoke first about his new Xero project, which is an accounting package for small businesses. I was almost in the aisles punching my fist and yelling "yes! yes!". Honestly, simplified accounting is about the most I could ask for, and the package looks great. It is web based too, so no more worries about a virus attacking my delicate Excel spreadsheets. And no need to transfer information between our computers.

I went up to Rod after he spoke, and asked if I could please sign up as a beta user. The man is very charming and has said yes. It feels a bit like christmas. This may sound a little over the top, but if you've ever tried to keep track of small business accounts, you'll understand my bliss.

Peter Gutmann talked next about the copyright ammendment thingy. I thought I'd find this boring, but not at all. Thank god someone cares and is looking out for all that stuff. Perhaps I can blame the Sony rootkit for the death of my last PC - I have my suspicians.

There was a break after the two big speakers for everyone to mingle and drink and eat the gorgeous food. If I had to live on canapes, they'd be the ones I choose, zucchini fritters, mini shepherds pies, little burritos, classy things on basil leaves... I was able to appreciate the food because I was maintaining sobriety for my speech.

The Wellingtonista crew were out in force. Alan, Jo and Sue were reprasentin baby. Loads of people we spoke to seemed to be fans of the Wellingtonista, and that made us all very happy.

My speech was part of a 10x2 section, ten speakers - 2 minutes each. I was a bit worried I'd be a bit dull, but all the speeches were so different that I don't think any two were alike. Mark Cubey did a stellar stint as a kind of new age beat poet/rapper - I quite loved it. It is nice to have a bit of angry punk attitude. Peter Guttmann spoke again about how his geekiness had actually been able to help people in a real life, life saving sense - and that was very inspiring. I thought the advertising man, Michael Gregg, was great too. He was totally the money, man, and had a very hi tech presentation, no screwed up pieces of paper for him.

I spoke, was nervous, was pleased when it was finished.

I want to say a big thanks to Sue, who got me there, and to the Webstock Mini crew (esp. Mike) who made it all happen.


Joanna said...

Both your speech and your dress were awesome

Alan said...

It was a very cool evening.

Reminds me that I should get out more. Do you know when the Clean/Minisnap gig finishes? Our potential sitter is not family, and late nights are not in their package...