Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who'd do Nathan?

I knew there was a good reason a spent *cough* $90 on tickets for Hi-5.

Which member of Hi-5 would you do?
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Helen said...

HATE them all sorry!

But Steve from Blues you're talking.

x Helen

noizy said...

can't multi-select? ah well...

llew said...

What noizy said. After all, we all do don't we?

Why are they High 5 anyway? Is it a drug thing?

rhiannon said...

I can't tell the difference between the two blond ones. hmm.
But really.. $90? That's madness.

Martha said...

And yet only 1 person has voted. Kelly wins by a landslide.

Yes, $90 is madness. What can I say.

Kerry said...

Is Kelly a bloke or a gal?

Hadyn said...

How moralistic of Nathan, well done that man! I still won't vote for him. Which one is the slightly red-headed girl in the middle?

Anna said...

By the way, I can't help thinking of Org whenever I see Kelly acting mad!

MG said...

Martha - you should really run this again and give us more time... to post it on other sites, lobby friends and mailing lists we belong to.

Clearly Charlie should have won and I'm appalled at the obvious double-voting by the Kelly brigade.
Those with access to multiple broadband connections should declare their hand.

Martha said...

Let nobody accuse me of not listening to my publics.

MG, for you I present a new poll (well, same poll, still open). Start the lobbying.