Sunday, March 18, 2007

nIt is 5.46am, and I've been up for an hour. Isn't the end of daylight savings a glorious time for parents?

It has been a BIG couple of days. Friday we set up Craft2.0 at TheNewDowse -well, set out the tables. The lovely Rhiannon stayed with us on Friday night, and we had a rare night of watching telly, and impressing her with our Wii skills.

Saturday arrived after a stormy, sleepless night. For the first weekend in weeks we had bad weather, and had to configure Craft2.0 to fit inside. Fortunately Sue had enjoyed even less sleep than me, and redrawn the layout at 3am. We ended up with plenty of space, a few people had to share tables where we'd hoped they'd get larger ones. This didn't seem to matter too much, and as far as I could tell most people had a great day.

I had a FANTASTIC day. Somehow during all the chatting to people, I sold masses of stuff. At least 15 Hutt T shirts are adorning little kiddies, and one adult around these parts. I saw heaps of people - Cathi, Wendy, Helen, Melissa, Rhiannon, Alan (who evidently had an inspiring time, and also his kids danced, which makes a gig!), lovely woman from Upper Hutt, Nikki, Bec, Megan (a link to my own site, how convenient!), Kimberley, Hadyn, Che, Mary, Amy, Rachel, Sarah (oh my god, blog deleted Sarah!), Rachelle, Dairne, Tinks and great friends who don't have links... (thanks for coming Katie, Mandy, Esther, Rachel, Horrie, Jody, Pamela, Terry, Base, Frankie, Billy, Sylvie, Cathy, Suze, Sol, Suellen, Louise, Jacob, Sam, Tracey, Sally, Selena, Emily, Max, Gloria, Alex, Lila...)

My table was between Sam and Sue. It was pretty perfect really. I bought one of Sam's lovely prints, and did my share of sales work for him too - my parents are now enjoying one of his pieces above their bed...

What else? Oh yeah, big shout out to the Ponoko crew, who were marvellous sponsors with an inspiring product. Their website is up and running now, so go and check it out. It is the future, baby, and it looks goooooood.

Alex and Megan came around last night and got into the Wii. Finally someone who can play the golf - go Meg.
And finally, to finish my Oscars speech, thanks to TheNewDowse and specifically Claire, who is fabulous.

And finally finally. THANKS SUE. You are the Queen.