Friday, March 30, 2007


I like the word 'swelter', it is up there with 'fibrillate' and 'D'Artagnan' in my book.

Today it is sweltering. While the far north floods, we lie around fanning ourselves (does that sound a bit ooo err rude to you?), and feeling vaguely relieved not to live somewhere that is this hot all the time.

And then we remember how winter only ended 2 months ago, and concentrate on cooling down under the sprinkler ('sprinkler' is another nice word).

Life is an L&P ad.

And I thought I'd put this one on so that foreigners would know how fabulous our fashion pedigree is in this country.


Mrs Smith said...

What classic ads. Karen Walker re-invented the Swanndri, perhaps she needs to bring stubbies back?

Martha said...

I do believe we will see them again in this lifetime.

llew said...

Probably when they publicly release the Shipton sex video.