Monday, March 26, 2007

Big old catch up

What a biiiiig weekend.

Saturday morning started all shiny and bright. We went to the local mall to watch three brave friends have their heads shaved to raise money for child cancer. It was surprisingly moving, there were masses of people there, and they raised staggering amounts of money. Of course all my friends ended up looking exquisitely big eyed and gorgeous.

As is our habit, in the afternoon we went and spent inappropriate amounts of money on a tent as big as our house. It quite literally takes up the whole backyard, and we've told the kids we'll sleep out there tonight.

On Saturday night we had a big shindig planned with the Wellingtonista posse and a couple of special guests. It was a stellar night in so many ways. We had an evil concoction in pineapples that I hold fully responsible for the fact I could barely move from my bed yesterday. Jo has photos here.

I did move very briefly to nod encouragingly at Sue as she was interviewed by Ryan. And I cackled a bit like a witch, so I really hope there will be some serious editing.

Last night we watched the Big Lebowski from the safe haven of our bed. Our new 'puter has a remote. Tres civilised, dude.

Despite the immense hangover, the whole weekend will go down in history as a glorious success. Yay for sunshine and booze.


Jo Hubris said...

It really was a glorious night. And now we must bowl!p

Jessie said...

The Big Lebowski RULES.

Mr Reasonable said...

Big yay to your friends for the head shave, cheers. The money will be spend wisely.