Friday, March 02, 2007

The rollercoaster of tax

Bloody GST. I was so happy to have done it. And then yesterday I had this vague feeling of doom. Sure enough, my money spreadsheet included the previous GST period. I'm not ashamed to say this made me cry. After all that work, I'd fucked up.

I went and punched out Mario on the Wii, which made me feel quite a lot better. I then went to bed and had lots of nightmares about doing maths exams and having finished university without enough papers for my degree, and all those things you dream when you're stressed.

Woke up with sore muscles from all the virtual boxing, and toyed with the idea of just omitting to mention to IRD my mistake, but you know, it would have tormented me.

I rang them. They were ace, and didn't care, and said I can make an ADJUSTMENT in my next return. Imagine!

Yayayayyayayayayayyaayyyyyy! Jubilation.

And that is the end of me ever writing about tax obligations ever again.

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Cathi said...

Yes, I hesitate to say this, but when I've contacted IRD with a stuff-up, either on my part or theirs, (doesn't happen often but occasionally), they have been, shall we say, a joy to work with

Yay IRD. They do get some things right