Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am jubilant, so I shall jubilate

I have finished 3 massive orders and several small ones. One of them involved sewing - bleurghh. I really enjoy the end product, but with lots of other things to do, sewing makes my shoulders hurt and me feel cranky.
I'm not cranky today though, I've finally got a chance to try out Xero, and I'm excited. This goes to show how much life has changed in the last 12 months, because HELLO, Xero is an accounting package. Man. Mind you, this does indicate that I'm actually making some moolah, and everybody likes that. EVERYBODY DOES. Hippies may claim not to, but I believe we are hard-wired to love the filthy lucre.

Annnnd, an old schoolmate of mine got in touch with me today. I want to see her a lot, so Carolyn CALL ME.

Annnnnnd, when I picked up Finn from kindy today, the teacher was all impressed at his advanced state of being able to write music. I tried to look like a mother who sits down and teaches her son to write out notes, rather than a mother that lets her son watch a lot of Little Einsteins. Seems that either way has the same outcome. Score!

Annnnnd, it is sunny, and I saw a painter down the road, so I urged Glen to go and enquire about getting a quote, because in 18 months we have only managed to paint the first coat on 1 1/2 walls of our house. Glen called me and said "I can see why you wanted him", and I got a hint of something in his voice, which may be related to a certain "Get out of jail free" discussion I have been somewhat involved in. And Glen said "he was handsome". Yay! More reason to celebrate, a possibly handsome painter might paint our house - a double dose of eye candy.

Annnnnnnnd, because it is my blog, I have decided to write 'and' a lot again, annnnd use exclamation marks.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I got a new necklace in the mail today.

You might say I'm pretty chipper.


llew said...

Annnnnnd you'll be off getting pished with most of the Wellingtonista & Big Bad Russell tomorrow night.

Does it get any better?

From the sound of it may be prudent to wear something waterproof, or able to be hosed down anyway.

Martha said...

I can't believe you're not coming.

melissa said...

r.e. Finn being able to write music: That is impressive, and reminds me of when Keira spoke a few words in Spanish at her first birthday party. Everyone was so impressed, but they don't know about Dora the Explorer.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Annnnnd if you used Student job search to paint your house you could get multiple good looking chaps. Maybe.

Martha said...

Melissa, it would be impressive if it were actual music.

Sherpa, I might feel a little guilty when they all came down with lead poisoning. Definitely time for a specialist.

miss_seph said...

My Nephew-In-Law can speak Dora Spanish too. It's quite freaky

Shelly said...

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