Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • Yesterday I dressed up in pretty new clothes and worked in my shop, it was very fun. I worked twice, for an hour each time. Best not to work too hard, ruins my image.
  • Yesterday I cooked this for dinner. Felt very bloody hip using a recipe from Design*Sponge. Man, I remember when Design*Sponge was just a wee blog.
  • We're still getting lots of cherry tomatoes (hence above recipe), despite this fact I've rather be Margo from the Good Life than the chipmunk lady. Margo had class, and a lot of gin.
  • Singstar owns me. I had to get Queen Singstar today. I spent my teens being immensely scathing of Queen. Teenage Martha thinks Today Martha is a dick. Felt very dicky when a friend popped by and Glen and I were warbling along terribly to something (I've blanked out what tune it was, it was too mortifying).
  • I'm knackered. The baby is lovely, but she has appalling sleeping habits.


Mike Riversdale said...

"chipmuk lady" - ... I ought to give a ruddy great punch on the bottom for what you just said! You're talking about the woman I love!


tomandemma said...

Oh man! I've been planning to make that tomato tart this Wed. Spooky man. Domestically aligned we are. Sort of. Not.