Saturday, March 28, 2009


Breaking my Sunday blogging trend, I'm going to write now, even though I have a vague feeling I should be turning off for earth hour. Does it count that my laptop isn't plugged in? Oh, it doesn't? Oh well, tomorrow I'll plant a tree to make up for it (the modern equivalent of "hail Marys").

Twitter owns me, to be perfectly honest. I think in 140 character mind bites now. I'm not certain if this is a natural progression after a few years of blogging, or if I can attribute it to having a baby/shop/business/children and my spare brain time being devoted to how to manage stocktake and how to configure the new shelving and not to cool trivia shit.

So, to be pretty boring, here is what is on my mind:

  • I need to write a shop newsletter, because we have very pretty new Saben bags arriving on Monday or Tuesday, and we have some very foxy clothes from Chalky Digits, and we have some baby gears from Nature Baby arriving next week.
  • Tonight, while I do important blogging stuff, Glen is hanging the new shelves at the shop. New shelves make me stupidly happy.
  • Young Finn has chicken pox. We had a splendid chicken pox party last night, whereby he was charged with infecting two delightful kiddies, and we were charged with inebriating their parents and introducing them to the joys of Singstar.
  • My sister and nephew go back to Japan tomorrow. Boo. I like having them in the 'hood, and now I need to go to Tokyo.
  • Everything anecdote I share at the moment relates to Outliers. On Twitter I saw John Mayer and Ashton Kucher mention it, I feel a little bit ick about this.

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wendy said...

Yay for the pox (the prefect excuse to play)! Good clean family fun - the children were in crazy kid game heaven and we were in intensely competitive 80s music singstar playoff hell. In a good way, i mean. A lovely, lovely evening - thanks Craig Barris folks : ) x