Monday, April 06, 2009

Le blogging, le sigh

Each day I used to mull over things, and blog posts would form themselves. Now, in the darkest of night when I start mulling over ideas I invariably come up with an apologetic post about why I'm too busy for thinking, and I berate myself because YAWN, nobody cares about that. So I'll say it this once, I am busy busy busy, all the time.

At the moment I should be busily trawling through receipts to do the stocktake, and I have been doing that, but gawd BORING. I did manage to finally go through 2500 shirts, because we had a quality problem, and each one needed checking. I'd say I threw out half of them, which sort of killed me, but was also very pleasingly purging because now I don't have to be disappointed when I reach into a box and haul out a wonky piece of shit.

The shop is going great guns, we've ventured tentatively into adult's clothing. Not much, I have no intention of being a clothing shop, but we were approached by a gorgeous NZ company, and I thought it was worth a punt. They have been so popular! And we have lovely new bags and other stuff that keeps the job interesting.

Poor Malo has chicken pox now, and he is absolutely covered in spots. I have another week inside with him, which is okay, but a bit sucky for him.

And Twitter still owns me. I can reach over when I'm feeding and knock out a few words, it is the perfect place for my sketchy, stretched brain.

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