Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ear worm

I tried to sneak this onto Glen's cellphone as the ringtone. I won't go into the numerous reasons I couldn't, but they had nothing to do with my skillz, and everything to do with a website that starts with V and ends with odafone.

I've had this song going through my head for approximately 3 weeks, it cracks me up, and I think I must be about 12 years old. I don't feel too badly though, Harvestbird put me onto it, and she is like, a TOTAL brainiac.


harvestbird said...

It didn't follow me to Japan, but it was waiting for me to resume the singing when I got back this weekend.

I have been singing selected extracts to coworkers, with the preface that it contains the braggadocio of hip hop with the excitement of being on a boat.

I also have it as my phone alarm ringtone (polyphonic download only).

[BTW, I have a new web address: yonder, as opposed to the link.]

Martha Craig said...

You must have been quick, because I changed the link within minutes of posting.

Sadly the Vodafone site doesn't list the particular model of phone we have as an option, which is peculiar, because the phone is in fact VODAFONE, so I'll wait for their ever helpful staff to contact me.

I'm hopeless with lyrics, so my ability to thing selected excerpts is limited to "we're on a motherfucking boat", and then I add some more "motherfuckers" for dramatic effect. The cat seems impressed.

Kimberley said...

that is too funny

Robyn said...

What I really like about this is how you can change the lyrics to describe any situation that someone you know won't shut up about it.

I had a baby when I was 17!
I had a baby when I was 17!
Everybody look at me!
I was a teen mum!

My wife is pretty!
My wife is pretty!
Everybody look at me!
My spouse is hot!

I ran a marathon!
I ran a marathon!
Everybody look at me!
I did a realy long run!

Modesty is so under-rated.