Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing much

  • Please, how are the people on Grand Designs so damn rich?
  • In notes of shallowness, I finally chose a new bag, it is PRETTY.
  • And I went to the MAC counter and let them stick stuff on my face, and then went "yes yes yes", and was very relieved that I had vouchers to pay with, 'cos eek. Mind you, I only buy makeup about once a decade, so I'm okay.
  • We're heading up to Te Kopuru via Whangarei tomorrow for Glen's grandma's funeral. She lived a long and fruitful life, and I think it will be a good experience. Plus Lucinda will meet her Nana for the first time, which is lovely.
  • Our crops are spent (well, our cherry tomatoes, nothing else really took). What shall we plant next?
  • I made quilts! It was fun, and would make a quilter keel over dead in horror, such is my technique. I probably won't make more, because I think two were fun and more would be really tedious.
  • Did I mention the pox? Oh, I did? Well they're gone, never to return. THANK SWEARWORDIDONTUSENOWBECAUSEIMAPROFESSIONAL (except when talking).
  • We watched approx 2 minutes of No Country for Old Men the other night, and it was pretty grim, should we persist? Bearing in mind we're total soft-cocks now.


Make Tea Not War said...

We've got some spinach that is doing well.

My theory about the people on Grand Designs as they are either Trustafarians or they are doing it all on borrowed money. Also in general everything in New Zealand is more expensive than it is in other places so their money probably goes further than NZ$ would.

Beautiful baby girl! Beautiful quilts!

Anonymous said...

You TOTALLY should persist with No Country for Old Men it is an incredibly excellent film (although I recommended a film to a colleague the other day who then watched it and said it was the crappest movie she's ever seen, so....). I think you're meant to plant asparagus in winter. I am trying to figure out that myself at the moment, although it says you can't eat it in the first year.. so what's the point? Doesn't seem like much fun.

Lily said...

Hi Martha
yes, that movie is awesome and it will have you puzzled for ages, in a good way!
Now is a good time to plant Peas for next spring, broad beans... and rocket grows all year round!