Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm wondering

  • if anyone ever opens Readers Digest letters
  • if anyone has ever won anything from Readers Digest
  • if I have ever won anything from Readers Digest, and don't know because I've never opened a letter from them
  • if the fact the sun vanished is my fault for hanging out two loads of washing
  • why ipod bothers with those earbud things
  • if, when I see the name Dylan in a headline, I'll ever stop thinking they're referring to Dylan Mckay
  • if the dog is getting naughtier
AND (just remembered another)
  • why is the new phone cord I bought tan. Is Dick Smith still getting through their stock from the 80's?


kate S said...

I had a bill from them once. They sent me lots of stuff and because I never sent it back they sent me a bill. They're so strange.

hers said...

Now I do know I'm getting old. For me Dylan means Dylan Tait - sadly missed music geek.

llew said...

I'm even older & Dylan means a stoned rabbit to me.