Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was at le mall before, having a coffee with the wee fella, and a disabled person was wheeled past in his wheelchair. The brand on the wheelchair was 'Karma'. Doesn't that strike you as kind of odd? Like, it was karma that gottem here, or he should be minding his karma for the next round?

And then in the car on the way back, some happy clapper Hare Krishna was talking about karma on Active (which I never normally listen to, because I'm an unashamed nerd, and love Nat Rad), and it was all a bit karmic.

Update: and the lovely Metalia is writing about karma too.


alisonmc said...

My grandfather has one of those wheelchairs. He's had one leg amputated because of vascular disease after a life of smoking and not exercising. At first he refused to accept his own behaviour made him sick and he tried to blame everything and everyone else for his problems. When he got the Karma wheelchair I said, 'See, even your chair thinks it's your fault'. When I visit and he asks me to buy him fags I don't bother to answer I just point to the word karma on his chair. I love that chair. That chair rocks.

Martha Craig said...

Brilliant! Although I don't think it would necessarily suit everyone stuck in a chair.