Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I love:

I love an opportunity for a bullet point list.
I love Woolworths online for sending me free chocolate and coffee, and delivering my groceries.
I love Modern Friction from Origins for making my face peachy fresh, and Jo's magic sugar rub for doing the same to other bits of me.
I love thinking (dreaming) about a new laptop.
I love little boys that sleep in until 7.30am two mornings in a row.
I love Cadbury Snowballs.
I love the Fedex lady, who was very nice and businesslike on the phone, which can't be said for all of them.
I love that Finn thinks smiling at me will make me finish on the computer and let him play (indicating I need a new laptop asap).

Better go and let the kid play. What do you love today?


harvestbird said...

Jo has a magic sugar rub? Why was I not informed?

I love the stream-of-consciousness text messages that SeƱor Mojito sends me on occasion.

Joanna said...

I am all magic baby, all magic.

rosie said...

I love that you martha, are so frequent at blogging so that on days like today (the day before I hand in my thesis proposal) I can keep checking to see what you are up and alas you are up to something!

keep up the good work

MG said...

discovering great domains that haven't yet been taken. Like which is a pearler.

ANNA said...

I love popping out to the mall when I am full of a cold and don't feel like it, and bumping into LOADS of friendly friends [and even an aunty] who cheer me up no end with their idle chatter and make me feel normal again :)

Leo said...

I love waking up in the morning with an overwhelming urge to start the painting that has been going around and around in my head for the last 6 weeks, and then painting solid for three hours and loving the result so far. I feel like I'm on cloud nine because of it.

aka Special K said...

I love my anti-nausea medication
I love my nephew's giggle
I love Zoe Williams in the Guardian
I love the Guardian
I love old kids books
I love my cat sleeping next to me

Sarah Lee said...

I love your post and ditto on Woolworth's online shopping and children sleeping till 7.30am! I laughed on your last comment, regarding computer access, as I have exactly the same predicament with my nearly four/going on ten daughter. In our house the computer holds way more importance than the TV.

Fortunately, my hubbie is a techie and is forever finding a reason to upgrade to a flasher computer (so we now have one Mac, one PC and one PC laptop - not to mention 'his' Mac book!). Great! A computer for each member of the family (the youngest is 18 months!). The problem - the Mac holds the sway - with all of us!.

Martha Craig said...

Ohmigod! I have spent the day trying to talk myself out of getting a new MacBook, to add to our imac and PC laptop, you have given me hope that I am allowed such indulgences.

Nobody has pointed out that I forgot to include the bullet points...

Urban Chick said...

dammit - i was going to say the thing about the lack of bullet points

i was