Monday, June 11, 2007

Afternoon delight (but not what you think)

I've just had a bath. At 4pm. It was outrageously good. Some time ago Glen returned from a trip with some lovely bath salts, and because I work most nights I haven't had a chance to use them. This afternoon I decided that rather that grow my children's brains, I'd plonk them in front of Handy Manny and have a soak.

Oh joy oh joy. I was visited of course by the children, and the dog hung out for quite a while, but I still enjoyed some warm water and a lie down at a time when I should be making dinner.

Next on the shopping list is an infinity water heater, because I tells ya, if the hot water had held up, I may never have left the bathroom.


Cathi said...

I can definitely recommend the infinity water heater. Removes all guilt from taking baths. And showers become sensationally luxurious once you know that the temperature won't change if someone else flushes the loo or fills the kettle - the pressure might, but the temperature won't (at least, if you set it up that way)

ohhhh it is very heaven

MG said...

At 4pm! And then you were mailing again at 5pm. With gin in hand, I bet. Outrageous. Have you no shame?

Martha said...

Cathi, you're preaching to the converted - just a question of finding the money somewhere to get the thing.

Michael, yes, I'm shameless.