Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Florence update

Puppydom is like a freaking rollercoaster.

Most mornings we don't feel very fond of the puppy. She makes us take her outside in the freezing cold in the middle of the night, and wait until she finds the perfect spot to pee. Then she has the gall to start whining at us before 6 to get up. Not impressed.

She gets cuter as the day goes on. In the evenings she is even quite sweet, until she bloody squats in front of the telly. Then she ain't so sweet after all. We're hellishly consistent and fabulously rewarding when she does the right thing, but the lure of the wrong thing seems so appealing to her.

She still has 3 weeks before her vaccinations are finished, so we can't take her to the beach, and it is a shame when we live so close to one.

In summary, it is a pain. But we know that all this boringness will end at some point in the next 7 years, and we'll have a nice, companionable dog around.

Not a very inspiring update I'm afraid.


MG said...

Hmmm, just like kids really. Then one day they stop pooing in their nappies and use a toilet. Then they become so much more adorable.

Kerry said...

I can sympathise with you. Our 13 week old puppy has only in the last week got the toileting message. Up to now its been a very hit and miss affair and a love, hate relationship. But day by day it is getting easier and like all babies hes so cute when hes asleep!

kate said...

sounds cute even though a lot of work. Love your blog by the way.

spentrails said...

Yay for Florence the pup. She's come pre-trained! :)