Sunday, June 03, 2007


After all the excitement of Facebook, I decided it was about time I tried Skype. It is funny, like the future. Video phones! Who would've thought. In a complete reversal of technology I've bought a fax machine - old skool bro (MG, I'm only 15 years late). Of course I have nobody to fax or Skype (although I guess if I accepted the invitations from random strangers with names like hornyfoxxx I could be entertained all day long), but at least now when people ask, I can say yes - and add a whole new phone number to my business card (albeit the same as my work number).

GOD. How boring was that? Glen is doing the website stuff, and I have to try and keep my brain alive with inane typing drivel, rather than the usual chatting drivel I inflict on him. Look what he has done here. I'm prepared to accept that we have gone a little dog mad, even though the dog is driving us mad, what is with that?

In more exciting news, I'm drinking wine and watching Hugh Hefner on the box. I should really be in bed reading Robert Hughes, but yawn, I'll take Hef any day. Hughes is light on boobs, Hef not so much.


Emily said...

I'm sure they will sell well - there is a photo of a Westie.

(I'm easily sold).

Cathi said...

I'm cmaryon at Skype, but I'm never online

so there's a challenge :)

spentrails said...

Talking of dogs, how's she doing?

Sarah Lee said...

With all our extended family in the UK Skype is a huge hit in our household. Grandparents are great sports - reading bedtime stories via the Internet, making animal noises, hanging upside down and thrusting various objects at the camera (banana skins, dogs and beer to name a few!).