Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Smelling salts

I'm so dramatic. Yesterday I was banging domes on bibs with a big hammer, and I hit my thumb. It was pretty excruciating, if not life threatening, and I hastened to the sink to numb the pain with cold water. I went all wobbly and hot flushy, and sensed I was going to pass out, so I sent Finn inside to get Glen, and yelled out for him at the top of my lungs. Next thing I know I'm lying on the floor very dazed and confused. I'd keeled over and had a small seizure. Apparently I stared at Glen like the undead. Last time this happened was when I cut my finger quite badly. I think I'm finger-phobic. My friend says she has the same reaction to eye stuff.

I banged my head on the table on the way down, and I've bent the ironing board quite dramatically so I'll need a new one, but basically I found the whole scenario quite odd. I think I just have a terribly delicate disposition, being so ladylike and all.

Which proves I didn't have what Glen's workmate called a prophylactic shock. Ladies wouldn't do such a thing.


harvestbird said...

I don't know. Some of those prophylactics are pretty shocking.

Vicus Scurra said...

"banging domes on bibs with a big hammer".
Please provide an English translation for this quaint colonial pastime. I need to get the full picture.

Martha said...

Harvestbird, quite.

Vicus, I know in the Homeland you have all sorts of teknoliggy, but here in the industrious part of the Empire we still likes to use our hands.

Hadyn said...

I passed out during my first tattoo. I was being filmed at the time for a doco and was under the huge lights they use (that's my excuse, also the tattoist was a dick).

I was sitting in a chair with wheels so when I passed out the chair rolled back and my head lolled around straight towards the camera. Undead zombie eyes looking straight at the lens. It freaked out the entire crew and everyone who watched the tape.

To show my manliness, when I came to (exactly 7 secs later), I continued with the tat.

Cathi said...

You bent the ironing board?

my god....

spentrails said...

Very relieved to hear that you bent the ironing board and not your head. Fingers are dangerous businesses.

"My first tattoo", golly gosh. How many does Hadyn have?

Hadyn said...

Two (three different sessions though). I'm getting two more at the end of June too. Hence why the story was at the top of my brain.

(actually I should see if that doco is on youTube